Procedures / Guidelines for Laser Providers

Current FSP Procedure:
1.   We screen each client so that they meet FS criteria
2.   We send you a photo of the tatoo (only)  in question by e mail.  Client id #  only. Lasr providers are selected by proximity.  
3.   If you accept the client,  we then send you the CLIENTS complete file & data and we notify the client to contact you.   And /or you can contact the client directly. 
4.   When we have a client that DOES NOT qualify,  but might become a fee for service client, we refer those clients to FSP providers as a "fee for service" client.  Not Free.   In these cases, we request a 20% discount for those clients. This discount is ONLY a request and is entirely up to the laser provider's discretion.    They usually have similar problems.  but tattoos are not on hands, neck or face.    
We do not want (allow)  clients to contact any laser provider UNTIL they are screened and the provider and Fresh Start HAVE AGREED to assist that client. 
We refer to CLIENTS by their Client number as much as possible to help secure privacy. 
The laser provider can choose accept or not accept any client for any or no reason at any time.  
Any discount offered by the provider for Fresh Start referred clients is entirely up to the laser provider and entirely optional.  
The Future
We would like to create a National Association of Fresh Start Laser Providers.  (working on that) 
We would like to CREATE a website that works like a DATING SITE.... more or less.. so clients could be connected with laser providers automatically.    
Please contact me with any comments or questions.
dr dave ores