New Provider Welcome Letter


 DEC 2018

Dear New Fresh Start Laser Provider

Great to hear from you.  We will add you to the list of providers on the national project website.

 We often have applicants who want tattoo removal,  but do not qualify for FREE fresh start program.  Usually because the ink is NOT on the hands, face of neck... OR..... they have a regret tattoo and were not formerly incarcerated...etc. 

 We refer these clients to you as fee for service clients.   We do request your permission to offer these FS applicants soe sor of discount.    The price or discount (in any)  is totally at YOUR disgression.    As a "fresh start"  referral.     Fresh Start  receives no payment for these referrals.   We ask for a "discount" to encourage / entice these clients to contact your service as opposed to just turning them away.   Or having them contact other providers.   We, of course, want people / providers who are willing to help Fresh Start clients for free to receive any benefit we can arrange /  offer.  

 With a discount understanding.... or without.  We have learned over time, that a discount offer helps these "not qualified" clients actually go to the Fresh Start volunteer providers.  

 We also encourage your business to "announce" that you are part of the Fresh Start in your local media and all your social networks.   For example,  with a clients permission, you can invite local media or press to observe a treatment of a client, interview you and the client and promote your business as doing good for your immediate community.  Because you ARE doing good for your local community.   Obviously do not post any info or images WITHOUT client permission.   Like any other client.   However, we have found that nearly all clients are happy to help promote your business and the Fresh Start project.

 Also, please LIKE fresh start on face book because that is our news letter about fresh start for now.  


 We also send you tattoo images to evaluate FS clients.

 You can also contact local referral sources to generate more media and more FSP clients.  Parole officers, local court officers..... local media.... and any not for profit organization that helps the formerly incarcerated and most YOUTH programs.   Also any JOB training program usually can use some fresh start assistance.  

 Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and assistance.

Dr Dave Ores

Founder & Director

The Fresh Start Project