HELP us buy a new laser machine for the NYC office!


Dear Friends of the Fresh Start Project
Fresh Start has been a program to reduce recidivism in NYC for over 8 years.  We now need a new laser machine to continue this good work in our NYC office.  You can help.  
We remove tattoos off of the formerly incarcerated  (face, hands and neck tattoos)  so they can obtain gainful employment.  We also serve former gang members and survivors of human trafficking.  We ask laser providers all over the USA to participate.  
Fresh Start Project:
We are a 501(c) not for profit org.    Your gift is 100% tax decductible.
GREAT NEWS!     We have also received a dollar match offer from the manufacturers (Quanta Lasers) .  So the device will now cost 1/2 the retail price!!  Which is about $90,000 dollars instead of $180,000.   The machines are expensive.  
***  We are asking you to contribute whatever you can.   $20.00    $500.00    $10,000 or even more depending on your means.    
Our goal is to reach  $90,000 to have the machine delivered  
We are also concurrently seeking financial assistance from the NYC and NYS government to purchase this tattoo laser machine.  Thru the NYC assembly and govt. channels. 
Quanta Aesthetic Lasers

Discovery PICO™ Series

The Next Generation in Picosecond Laser Technology
1064nm, 532nm, 694nm

Discovery PICO™ Series transcends all conventional stand-alone picosecond lasers by combining Industry-leading peak power (1.8GW), the efficacy and speed of picosecond pulses with the proven profile of nanosecond Q-switched pulses across three primary laser wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm and 694nm. This unique feature allows for fast and effective treatment of benign pigmented lesions and all treatable tattoo colors.

The hard facts are,  if a person has a job post prison there is a 10% return to prison rate.  Without employment, the return to prison rate is 90%.   It's all about employment. 
For each person who gains employment,  there is one less person in prison at  $60,000 taxpayer cost per year ..... each.   Be aware that  200,000 people are released into free society each year.   
If a face tattoo is the only remaining obstacle to employment, we can change that person's future.   Also, once removed, the client gains some hope that future employment is way more possible and in a better, more meaniful job.   
Employment is way better than prison for everyone involved.   The taxpayers, the families, their children, the tax base, the crime rate, the crowded courts and even the police.   
Also, I would like to offer NYS laser providers in the project a token $100.00 honorarium for each treatment they offer for "free".    Then a lot more laser locations will participate across the entire State.   We are also developing that gift fund.  
The project currently has over 2800 people waiting nationally  for assistance.  About 1/3 of these people are in NYS.    We work to keep people from going back to prison and crime.... one job at a time.   When it's successful,  everyone wins.  
Please mail in what you can when you can.   Let's buy this machine and help A LOT of people and our own communities.  
SNAIL MAIL your check made out to "Fresh Start Tattoo Program".    We are a 501(c)
not-for-profit organization so your gift is 100% tax decductible.
Fresh Start Tattoo Program
c/o David J, Ores, MD
Medical Office
189 East 2nd street    NYC  NY  10009
(We can also accept direct deposits thru our TD Bank Corporate account upon request)
Thank you in advance for your kind attention and generousity.
dr dave ores - NYC 
David J. Ores, MD