Fresh Start Providers: Join us letter

David J. Ores, MD

The Fresh Start Program USA,   Inc.

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                                                                                                                                                       September,  2015

Dear Friends & Colleagues

Hello. I am Dr. Dave Ores in NYC.   We operate a national non ­profit organization called   “Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.”        We are an official 501(c)3 corporation.

We are contacting ALL laser providers in the United States who remove tattoos to ask for your participation .  We can work together and have a real impact on this critical, national issue which effects all of us and our families.

Fresh Start refers the formerly incarcerated, former street gang members  (in all 50 States) with FACE tattoos for FREE tattoo removal.  The help them get jobs.   And as a result NOT go back to crime and prison.   It’s a big win for everyone.

We also refer clients for PAID (fee for service) tattoo removal to your business….  if they apply to Fresh Start, but do not qualify for FREE removal.   We do ask for a 20% discount for these clients ……  on a case by case basis.   That is YOUR call.   We do not collect ANY fee.

The basic idea is to help these people gain employment as an alternative to returning to crime, prison etc.      Employed people have a 90% lower return rate to prison & crime.  This benefits all Americans.    Socially and financially.

Fresh Start refers these clients to laser providers in all 50 States  (and in Europe as well)  to have their face, neck or hand tattoos removed ….tattoos that are visible (and a major obstacle) at a job interview for work…..for FREE.  No profit.  No charge. 

We also work with local law enforcement, judges, politicians, media people as well as other important  community members…… to locate clients and help reduce recidivism.  

I am contacting you to take a look at our WEBPAGE and possibly become a volunteer provider/partner of this important social service.   America needs all the help we can get. 

 I thank you in advance and please feel free to contact me directly and I will answer any questions you may have.

My warmest regards,


Dr. Dave Ores Founder & Director

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  • They are listed in all our social media and national media.


  • See our media presence on our website.


  • You can publish a local News Release / local papers & local press for your laser business and let everyone know they should choose your laser business.


  • Receive FEE for service clients through fresh start  ( who have tattoos they want removed, but do not meet Fresh Start requirements).


  • Improve your community good will standing  in your local area.


  • Increase your business traffic.


  • Help people and families your community.


  • Fresh Start provides a reason to interact with local luminaries.    Politicians other community .


  • Meet NGO persons.  Get involved.