For Survivors of Human Trafficking

As of Auguest 2018,  Fresh Start (and other NYC area laser provders) have joined a new program oragnazied by the Administration for Children Services . (ACS)



ACS PDF about their new tattoo program

We currently have over 3500 applicants and need to work to assist those.  We simply do not have the help / resources to accept more at his time.  Once we get many of the exisiting applicants assistance, we will open the applications again.  Thank you.  Dr Dave Ores  Director Fresh Start.


For Survivors of Human Trafficking:

Please do not send us any of your personal information.   Please ask your advocate or representitive to contact Fresh Start on your behalf to arrange for your free tattoo removal.


Please do not send us ANY biographical data of personal information about ANY client you represent. You can use a fake name or an client ID # to refer to your client.

Fresh Start does not ask for any personal information about survivors and we do not collect or store anything like that.  Out of respect for your client's privacy and saftey.

The actual LASER PROVIDER may require some information for an official legal / medical record, but Fresh Start Referral Program does not.

Advocates or Representatives:  Please register HERE.

For additional assistance or questions, please contact me, David J. Ores, MD,   directly via EMAIL

Thank you

Dr Dave Ores