How to donate (tax deductible)

How to donate (tax deductible)

ANNOUNCEMENT:   We have received matching grant from QUANTA AESTHETIC LASER  USA,  dollar for dollar, so $180,000 Pico laser we now only cost us $90,000.

So the amount we need to raise has been cut in half!    

We are also an official 501(c)3  tax exempt organization.  

TO DONATE:     mail  a CHECK made out to  "Fresh Start Tattoo Program".  

Fully tax deductible. 

David Ores, MD      189 East 2nd Street        NYC  NY        10009

Or through  Go Fund ME .com:

Fresh Start Tattoo Removal is now fundraising to purchase a new QUANTA PRIMO PICO  medical tattoo laser for Dr. David Ores to use in his office and continue this project in the NYC metropolitan area. The amount needed is about $285,000 dollars to purchase the QUANTA AESTHETIC LASER USA  laser machine and the required 5-year service contract.    


*   A full five year service contract is not optional.   It is essential in order to own and operate the laser.

We are a IRS tax deductible organization  501(c)3  and funds will be used to buy the new laser to be used at 189 east 2nd street  NYC  (Lower East Side) to remove FRESH START tattoos.  Our current waiting list is over 3500 clients.  

We are an official 501(c)c non proift corporation.  All donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by IRS rules and guidelines.  We use TD Bank in NYC. 

Please mail your donation check (made payable to “Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.)  

to   David J. Ores, MD    Medical Office   189 East 2nd Street   NYC,  NY  10009.  

Or use   

Thank you. 

Below is an estimate of our current financial goal:

QUANTA Medical laser    $90,000.00
   ANy funds we can secure to pay office person  
Donations are an official 501(c) 3 tax deduction. 

Although Dr. David Ores himself had a functional  TATTOO  laser for 5 years,  and treated  200+ Fresh Start clients for free,  David J. Ores, MD himself no longer has a functional medical laser at present.    We will resume Fresh Start services at our NYC location, as soon as we obtain  a new medical laser.   All other national locations are operational.
To that end, we formed a not-for-profit corporation (The Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.) and established 501(c) 3 status.  We are now ready to accept charitable donations to buy a new machines.
To donate:  Please mail your check  (payable to “Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.”)  to  Fresh Start c/o Dr. Dave Ores 189 East  2nd Street   NYC,  NY  10009.  Thank you.