Stories from FSP Applicants

Stories from FSP Applicants

Stories from FSP applicants:

(names and locations have been change to protect privacy)

"it's gonna make me feel better because for my kids its gonna make me feel like a better dad and to influence them to be a better person than me"
Andrew      Albany, NY
"might have to remove a better my life in the sense that no one will judge me before knowing me.and I will no longer be profiled anymore by the police.I don't feel the tattoos represent who I am today.I am in humble man with a big heart who's ready to move forward and have the life that I was meant to have.thank you.
I have been pre judge in the past by employers which have stopped me from going for the job that I really want.frends will introduce me to their managerhe sees my teardrops tattoo he says no even though they're looking for someone."
Paul      Akron, OH
"I will be able to live my life peacefully without being remind of my past or having to defend myself against rival gangs since my tattoo is in a visible location"
Steve     Linclon, NB
"Getting this tattoo removed will better my life because I am not able to enlist into the U.S Air force with it. Im ready to set my life up and gain a skill and career path through the air force while serving my country. This tattoo is the only thing stopping me from doing so."
Joseph     Sacramento, CA
"I got the tattoo while in prison at first i just wanted a cover up for a name of an ex girlfriend of mine so i thought i needed 2go big so i did an i regretted it every day since, I've gotten into many fights with people who didnt like what the tattoo represented wich is the Chicago my birth place an where i was raised an still live today. I also have had no luck finding a decent job since my release from prison in 2011 no i suffer from depression and i know this tattoo has alot to do with that...
The removal of my tattoo will defiantly change an better my life by giving me the confidence i need to regain my life look for work with high self esteem felling good about myself an mainly letting go of my past an who i was, removing my tattoo will help me start a new life a clean life.... please help me"
Mario       Chicago, IL
"I did them when I was 15 because I thought gangs and bikers were cool little did I know that's not the cool and mature thing to do...
Iv been turned down by many jobs because of tattoos on my hand. I'm a single mom struggling with everyday life simply because I can't get a job due to these stupid tattoos"
Susan     Jacksonville,  Florida
"It will better me in a lot of ways like not feeling that my parents and whole family will be a shamed because they know what good that I can have in my life but I ruined it by being a follower. It will help me feel more confident in getting the old me back. I will hustle even harder to find jobs. Make smarter decisions next time but I get something ignorant but that's the reason why I am in a situation like this now.
Yes I am trying my hardest but when I go i think to Myself your black with tats and even on your face you might as well just go home wherever you came from because you face is ridiculous. So sometime I dont even try. Too much pride to were make up someone will notice my tats one day then the next there cover no thats stupid. Im working on goin to job corps because I think thats all I have and they even say wear like a foundation."
Richard       Boston,  MA
"I was very young at the time head was not in the right place. But I've made big change over past year once I had my daughter. It's my Dream to become US Marine. My tattoos are now holding me back."
WIlliam       Chapel Hill,  NC
"I got these tattoos while being incarcerated for a crime that I did not commit. I was angry and it was a survival mechanism while being in Max with serial killers, murders, and other violent criminals.
The tattoo removal program will help me provide a better life for my two sons and wife. I was in jail for 17 months and the case was dismissed. I do not have any felonies and my background check is clean. However, the tattoos on my face cause people to judge me and not give me chance. I want to be a good father and husband to my family by being free an able to provide."
Mike       Pheonix,  AZ
"I got them in jail when I was initiated into the white supremacy "gang". I was young and dumb and not very proud of them.
it will better my life more than you know. I have an 8 month old little girl that i have to 1 day explain what they mean and In not proud nor do I want my daughter to grow up being racial or think that it is ok."
Roland         Houston, TX
"I was incarcerated for 5 yrs from 2001-2006.They have interfered with my job in the past amd currently interfere from getting promotions. I am judged all the time. I just want to put my past behind me for good. I am a mom and have never gotten om trouble again. I'm embarassed at school fumctipns and don't. Want my kids to get teased...."
Jane         Baltimore,  MD

"I was incarcerated at a young age and made some really bad choices including getting tattoos on my face. Those days are behind me and I would like to move on, only thing is that people look at these tattoos and automatically judge me and I feel very self-conscious and wish I had never gotten them. Please help me remove them.

James        Seattle, WA

"I left Maine when I was 18 to get away from my gang and start a new life for my child that was in the womb. If I had stayed in Maine, I would most likely be in prison or dead. I have been getting tattoos inside the gang since I was 14 years old. I was stabbed numerous times at just 15 years old and was arrested and sent away from 16 to 17 to a juvenile program, since then I have never reoffended but I was still apart of my gang until I finally got away. I haven’t had any ties with the gangs in Maine since I've left, in fact I even tried to cover the tattoos myself but they are still visible.   Ohio has been good to me as soon as I got here I’ve obtained a job and have been there 2 years, I went through the shelter system saved my money and now have a studio apt of my own and I’m in college at ATTR, I currently have a GPA of 3.26 and 20 credits. Though I have accomplished many things since then it is still a struggle therefore I’ve been trying to get into the air force but my tattoos from my elbow down on both arms is the only thing stopping me. It cost a pretty penny, is there anything you can do for me such as a low cost removal or know any organizations that could help me, going to the air force will provide me and my daughter a better life and I can finally be free of my past.

Phillip         Cincinati, OH

"I want a fresh start to join the military, and I am tired of people looking at my teardrop and withdrawing from me.

Thomas        St. Loius, MO


"I have been on many interviews and yet no luck and in many instances I was asked what happened to my hand because it had a bandage on my hand covering my tattoo. Being honest I explained that this was an old tattoo I had done when I was young and regret ever doing it. I always received that "uneasy feeling" from the person who interviewed me. Even though the tattoo is small it still has a large impact on my job search. I now have a opportunity to join a police force in the area but would like to have the tattoo removed before I continue with the process, I do not want to miss out of a great opportunity to be a civil servant and make a difference in the community. My main focus is to find a career and not just a job, so I can provide a better life for my son and make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes I made when I was young and be a better role model for him. I know in life we cannot judge a book by its cover, but in recent times perception is everything. I have an extensive resume and employers have commended me on my experience, but when we finally meet and see the tattoo on my hand it all gets thrown out the window. I would appreciate any help."

Charles         Atlanta GA

"I unfortunately have a tattoo on my neck that has hindered me from jobs and opportunities for the last 6 years. I have not been incarcerated or gang affiliated but I’m a 26-year woman trying to seek out the best possible opportunities to enable myself in having a brighter future. I got the tattoo at 19 and have regretted it since.

Linda        Las Vegas,  NV