Friends of the FRESH START project

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FSP Helpers Wanted 
The Fresh Start project seeks volunteers to help grow the project in all 50 States. 
How can you help the Fresh Start Program grow and help more people? 
Become a Fresh Start Volunteer
What can you do?
1.  Call the Laser Tattoo providers near where you live. Ask them if they are part of the Fresh Start Program.  If not, please send them the URL for the Fresh Start Program. By email. Or send it to them thru Facebook.  So they become aware that the program exists.
You can also print out the PDF of the Fresh Start brochure (it's in our website) and snail mail it to a Laser Tattoo Provider.  Or FAX the brochure to them.  
If a Laser Provider is interested, they can email me directly to become part of the project. 
I could use all the help i can get.  It's a big country. 
2. Email me and become a "friend" of the Fresh Start project.   Planning a newsletter.
3.  Like us on Facebook.  Ask your friends to do the same.   The more members we have,  the more help we might get from LASER Providers,  people who work in the courts, post prison and post gang programs, tattoo artists and tattoo shops.  All these types of people can help the Fresh Start project grow.  
4. If you know someone we could help, tell them about us.  
5.  If you have any ideas how to get the word out, please let me know via email.
Every person we assist has way better chance to land a job.... or get a better job.  With employment, the return to crime & prison is 80% less likely.   We all win.  
Remove Job Blocking Tattoos = better chance of employment 
Thank you for your time, energy and support. 
Dr Dave Ores
Founder & Director
The Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program
Friends of The Fresh Start Program    
(FEB 2018)
100 SUITS for 100 Men
Mr. Kevin Livingston, Executive 

Daniela LaValva, LCSW

Deputy Director of Treatment

Logan Hall               

20 Toler Place

Newark, NJ  07114

Ms. Jessica Suboticki

Caseworker    ///      Residential Institution Probation Program

Oriana House, Inc.   //       Akron,   Ohio

Richard W. Hawkins, III

US Department of Justice / United States Attorney's Office

Legal Assistant, Civl Division   District of New Jersey

Kevin P. Egli

United States Probation Officer   /   United States District Court

GO Tattoo in Pennsylvania

Michelle Steckert

Owner / Artist -  Daredevil Tattoo