Understanding between Fresh Start Applicants and Fresh Start

April 2015

From:  David J. Ores, MD /  Founder & Director  /  The Fresh Start Program

Understanding between Fresh Start Program (FSP)  and Fresh Start Applicants

Step One:  

The potential FSP applicant learns about FSP from one of several sources:

Tattoo Shops

Court officers

Diversion Courts

A nurse or other health care professional

An MD or other health care provider

A Department of health notice

Another FSP client (word of mouth)

A Social Media site:  FB, Twitter, Instagram…etc.


 Step Two

The potential Client applies on the FSP website.

He or she reads and understands qualifications.

The applicant submits pictures of their tattoos they want removed. 


Step Three 

Then , FSP contacts applicants whom have registered on the site to see if they qualify.

If the applicant meets the qualifications, the FS client is referred to an FSP Laser Provider in their local area to begin treatment.  THE LASER PROVIDER DETERMINES TO ASSIST FOR FREE OR FOR A DISCOUNTED PRICE..  THIS IS TOTALLY UP TO THE LASER PROVIDER 

 If there is no FSP laser provider in the client’s area, FSP will contact one of more area laser providers and ask them to provide volunteer service this this particular client AND to become part of the FSP program.

Please contact dr dave ores if you have qustions of comments via EMAIL:


* IMPORTANT NOTE:    What is  Tattoo Alteration?    

Complete Laser tattoo removal can take up to 8 months , 12 months or longer to remove the tattoo down to zero INK.     In certain cases and special situations, tattoo alteration may be appropriate before laser treatment.    With tattoo alteration, specific lines of additional tattoo ink are applied by a professional tattoo artist (also FSP volunteer professionals in local Tattoo Studios)  to ALTER the meaning or symbolism of the original gang, prison or “ownership”  tattoo.   This is done BEFORE tattoo removal even begins.  The original tattoo no longer has the original MEANING.   [EXAMPLE IMAGE HERE].  This is NOT a cover up tattoo. This is NOT a new tattoo.  Only a few lines are added.    Then,  the ALTERED tattoo is treated by the laser professional (The LSP)  over the next 8 or 12 months and it gradually fades to gone. 

We recommend ALTERATION is some cases to remove the meaning of the tattoo immediately.   Then, the ALTERED tattoo will be removed and fade away over several months.

Tattoo alteration is recommended when the tattoo has gang, prison or serious emotional significance and the meaning/symbolism of the tattoo needs to be obliterated as quickly as possible.   For example, if the tattoo is a GANG insignia and the client is potentially in danger of personal violence for having that tattoo in the “wrong” neighborhood.    After alteration,  the actual INK will then be removed by laser over a length of time and multiple treatments.  But, DURING the lengthy treatment process, as the tattoo gradually fades away,  the tattoo does not have it’s original meaning or danger potential.



NOT QUALIFIED APPLICANTS:    If the applicant does not qualify for FREE FSP tattoo removal: 

These applicants will be referred to a local FSP Laser Provider as a regular client for a discounted price..  These clients are outside of the FSP project.  FSP will ask the provider for a discount on your behalf.  We cannot promise any sort of discount, but we will ask. 

Step Four 

We ask former FSP clients notify FSP of a change in status of employment / life circumstances because the tattoo was removed.   FSP wants to hear about your outcome.  The result.   We hope and anticipate that the removal of the unwanted tattoo will result and a tangible, positive life improvement.  A new job for example.   We do ask that all treated FSP clients let us know how things turned out via e-mail do we can use these stories for our website. Only with your consent and permission. 

Please let us know if FSP was actually able to help you and your life.  That is our goal and our intention. 


The FSP applicant agrees to:

**  These notions are obvious and not necessary to even mention for most FSP clients.   But, for the very, very few exceptions.  Please do not be offended.  ****

1.       Be nice.  The FSP laser doctors and health professionals are helping you for free.  So you can help yourself.  Please treat them with respect and courtesy. 

2.   Do not be late.  Allow extra time to get to your appointment.  Doctors and laser providers often have busy schedules and lot’s of work to do.  Please show up 20 or 30 minutes early for your appointment.

3.    Please call the Laser Provider to confirm 24 hours before your appointment as a courtesy so they can count on you making your appointment.   They are usually busy with many appointments.  They need you to show up on time.  Even early.

4.    If you have concerns or questions about Fresh Start , please call the FSP team (drdave.lesm@gmail.com) and NOT the laser Providers.    We are responsible for all our FSP clients.

 5.   You must be referred through FSP to set-up free tattoo removal laser treatments.  DO NOT contact laser providers directly until we get their permission and we refer you.   It is very important we use as little time and energy of the providers as possible. 

6.    Please follow us on Facebook (and all possible soical media).  This helps us.   

7.   We want client follow up stories.   This is important to FSP.  Please E mail us at  6 months,  12 months  18 months after tattoo is removed.    What was the outcome?  Did everything go OK?  Is there anything we can do to make FSP work better?    Did having your tattoo removed for free help you gain employment?  Help you on your relationships?  Help feel more hopeful or less discouraged about moving your life in a better direction?  We respect and need your opinions and suggestions.  

Thank you for your kind understanding and we at FSP really hope we can help you.