Understanding Between Laser Providers and Fresh Start, Inc.

Below is a letter of understanding between FSP and laser providers. Any question or comments would be appreciated.  Thank you.


For the FSP Laser Providers:    (V.04)

Between   Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.  (a non profit  501(c) 3  organization) &   The Laser Tattoo Removal Providers

RE:    Free Laser Tattoo Removal Service as a member/provider of the Fresh Start Project

I. The Purpose

The purpose of this text is to establish guidelines and expectations for FSP and LASER PROVIDERS to maximize communications, clients referred, and services provided.  And to be clear what FSP is about. 

II. Organizational Background

Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program connects clients with laser tattoo removal service providers in their local vicinity in order to remove a serious barrier to employment so these clients can get jobs instead of returning to crime and prison. 

FSP is a national, web based referral program.   Your critical & generous help reduces the risk of recidivism, which helps the clients and your entire community.   Removing visible tattoos from the face, hands and neck of formerly incarcerated persons and ex-gang members increases the rate of success for re-entry and job placement programs. It allows these people to gain employment they would otherwise never achieve.  That’s better for everyone. 

In addition,  removing tattoos from survivors of human trafficking really improves their chance of successful emotional & personal recovery and readjustment to society.  FSP also accelerates their long and painful healing and recovery process.  It’s also a kind thing to offer.

III. The Process

The process is designed for the LASER PROVIDER to offer free laser tattoo removal services (hand, face or neck tattoos only)  for pre-screened and pre-approved FSP clients.   These are often small tattoos. 

1.  Potential clients or their referral organizations register on the FSP website

2.  The FSP team evaluates the registration for completeness and approval.

3.  If the client qualifies for free Fresh Start treatment, FSP will forward a PICTURE & Contact data to the LASER PROVIDER.

The LASER PROVIDER has the important choice to accept the proposed client or not accept the potential client for any or no reason at anytime.  Ona case by case basis.  The LASER PROVIDER is not obligated to sertve or treat any client unless they agree to do so.  

4.      If the potential client does not qualify for FREE Fresh Start treatment according to FSP’S guidelines, FSP will still forward the client’s PICTURE to the local FS LASER PROVIDER for consideration as a potential regular fee-for-service client.  Outside of the FSP system.

5.       If the LASER PROVIDER accepts the qualified client, the agrees to provide laser tattoo removal services, free of charge, to the client.  There is no charge and no deposit required.     

6.  After the  LASER PROVIDER accepts the client, FSP will then ask the client to contact the LASER PROVIDER directly for a consultation and to set up a first appointment the free laser tattoo removal.  (see FSP guidelines for clients)

IV. Proposed Partnership Commitment

We ask the LSP to:

- Protect the privacy of the client as with any other patient or client.

- Create and maintain a treatment record as per customary and usual for any other laser treatment client.

- Forward a notice of actual treatment to FSP so we can track the activity and success of FSP clients.  Just let us know a treatment occurred.

- Communicate any problems, concerns or suggestions to FSP directly.

- Once accepted for treatment, the LASER PROVIDER will provide laser tattoo removal from start to finish with NO CHARGE and NO DEPOSIT for the client. The laser removal is free and offered by the LASER PROVIDER on a volunteer, charity basis.

- Please provide FSP with your marketing materials to FSP for distribution. FSP will add your LISTING to the FSP website for general promotion of your business.

- Allow the LASER PROVIDER name, likeness, and logo to be used by FSP for marketing, fundraising, and the like.



The Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program agrees to the following:

- Locate and screen FSP applicants for referral to a FSP LASER PROVIDER.

- Promote the LASER PROVIDER as an active and generous member of the community in its marketing material and other publications, including but not limited to: FSPs website, email communications, quarterly email newsletters, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and written correspondence.

- To drive business the our LASER PROVIDER volunteers by linking to the LASER PROVIDER's website in its marketing material and other publications, and by ALSO referring clients seeking fee-for-service laser tattoo removal to the LASER PROVIDER.

- To offer FSP brochures, marketing material, and other publications to area tattoo shops/partners ( to outreach to FSP clients as well as fee for service clients) and HIGHLIGHT the local LASER PROVIDER to the area Tattoo Artists. 

- To refer clients who do not qualify for free laser tattoo removal to theFresh Start LASER PROVIDERs for consideration as a regular fee-for-service client.

- To communicate with area legacy media (newspapers magazines radio and television) and to promote both FSP and the participation, good work, and community service of the FSP LASER PROVIDER partners.

V. Confidentiality and Ownership

Both FSP and LASER PROVIDER agree to respect the principle of doctor-patient confidentiality as per usual and customary HIPPA regulations.  FSP and the LASER PROVIDER also agree that information gathered that is not subject to doctor-patient confidentiality may be disclosed in aggregate fashion, unless otherwise specified. Measures including but not limited to abbreviation and other methods of obscuring identity will be used when disclosing information regarding specific clients (code names and the like) to help protect privacy of our clients.

In Closing

We know removing a small tattoo does not seem like much,  but your time and expertise really does change the lives of the people you help.  It's a small but amazing change in the path of their lives. We thank you very sincerely for taking the time & effort to help people in need just for the good of it.  

Thank you and please send us any questions or comments you may have.  The FSP team really appreciates your participation and we look forward to working together.  Thank you.