About Fresh Start

About Fresh Start

The Fresh Start Program asks laser providers to help FS clients for free or for discounted price.   This is totally up to the disgression of the laser provider:  To accept any particular client; to offer free treatment OR instead to offer some sort of discounted price.  

Fresh Start:     Help people  "Go to Jobs"   instead of   "Go back to Prison"

$85,000 per per person per YEAR is what taxpayers SAVE (and the State can keep in their budget)   for EACH SINGLE person who "Goes to Job" as opposed to going back to gangs, drugs and/or prison.  

So 100  "Go to Jobs" persons  =  8.5 million dollars saved to taxpayers.  PER YEAR !  

Fresh Start now has reached 3200 people waiting for tattoo removal help.      We do need a New Laser Machine to continue our good work in the Manhaatan office.     

     Physical location to do the work:    CHECK

     501 (c) 3  status:     CHECK

     Physician MD  to do the actual removing:   CHECK

     Utilities, rent... etc.  All paid for:   CHECK

     Cooling Air Jet Machine:    CHECK

     Need - over 3000 people registered and waiting:  CHECK

     New Medical Laser Machine:   NEEDED


Mail us a check and we use 100% of your donantion.    OR....  use GoFundMe.com..... and we use 95% of your donation....... 


QUANTA Aesthetic Lasers LOVES Fresh Start and has DONATED a 50% discount!  on the NEW medical laser we need.    50%   wow!


FEB  2018 NOTICE:   

We currently have over 3500  applicants waiting and need to work to assist all of those.  We WILL ACCEPT new applications,  and we will get to NEW applications as soon as we are able.  We are using a LOTTERY system to choose clients at present.    Thank you.  Dr Dave Ores  Director, Fresh Start.


*   You must apply on this website and send us photos of your tattoos to be considered for Fresh Start Assistance.   DO NOT contact laser providers directly.  

STEPS:     1.  Apply on the FSP website only.    2.  You qualify.   3.  We send your images to a FSP laser provider near you (or we locate one) .  4. The laser provider AGREES to help you as part of the Fresh Start Project.  This can be FREE or for a discounted price AT THE DISGRESSION OF THE PROVIDER.    5.  FSP sends your complete contact DATA to the provider.    6. Once approved, YOU conatct the provider and make your first appointment.

If you DO NOT qualify....   then we still refer you and ask for a DISCOUNT on your behalf outside of the Fresh Start Program.   Any treatment or discount or price is at the disgression of the laser provider.    

The Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.  (an official 501(c)3 organization)  is a nationwide community program that helps to removes visible gang and prison tattoos for former gang members for free OR at a discount to help these people get jobs and improve the quality of their lives.  With employment, there is a much, much lower return to prison rate. 

NO EMPLOYMENT =  90% return to prison

WITH EMPLOYMENT = 10 % return to prison

One year in prison costs about $60,000 of taxpayer dollars.  

A working person costs the tax payers ZERO dollars.

Over 3,000,000 people are in USA prisons   (80% for drug offenses - another story)  

650,000 people are discharged from prison each year in the USA.  

Example:  If we help 10 persons get employment,  over 5 years,  that's $1,500,000

tax payer dollars  SAVED.     That's only 10 employed persons.  

100 people is  $15 million saved.    What about 1,000 people?  10,000?   

“Visible” tattoos are defined as tattoos on the hands, face and neck ONLY. Fresh Start also serves survivors of human trafficking to help facilitate their recovery. Tattoo removal allows certain people to overcome a very large barrier to employment and as a result, change their lives for the better.  And.... greatly reduce the return to crime / prison rate. 

“If you are trying to help yourself, we will try to help you” is the core concept of Fresh Start. To date, we have served over two hundred people and have improved their chances of obtaining employment with just a few seconds of laser treatment.

We currently seek Laser providers in all USA cities to donate their time and experience to remove tattoos for FS clients for free OR at a discounted price (at the disgression of the provider)  as part of the national Fresh Start Program.  In future,  we hope to be able to offer a $100 honorium per treatment to the laser provider.   

Why does the Fresh Start project matter?

A client who obtains employment is about 80% less likely to re-offend, return to crime/prison and/or need social and public services.  Even if we divert one out of 100 from the poverty-prison-crime-drug-gang-trauma-gun violence vortex….  we are doing a world of good. For the client and for our communities. We can receive many community benefits in exchange for a few minutes of professional laser treatment.  

To become a Fresh Start Applicant please apply on our website and send us images of your tattoos: www.FreshStartTattooRemoval.virb.com

Or register on - line:  http://www.freshstarttattooremoval.org/volunteer-laser-provider-registration-form

To join Fresh Start Project as a Medical Laser Provider or a Sponsorship Partner ..... or to be a friend of the project, please email dr Dave Ores at:   DrDave.LESM@gmail.com

Or register on - line:  http://www.freshstarttattooremoval.org/volunteer-laser-provider-registration-fo

Thank you.

Dr Dave Ores   Founder & Director of the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Project